Now THIS sounds like a great idea!

We recently heard about the Michelle Rose Community Supported Fishing program here in Cowichan Bay. Local fisherman, Guy Johnston, began a community supported fishery last year. Here’s how it works:
We buy a share of his season’s catch in advance and then pick up our order right from the boat in late June, late August and late November. We have chosen a combination of shellfish (mainly prawns) and salmon. What are the advantages? This is direct fair trade between the fisherman and the consumer. We would be supporting a local fisherman and getting local and sustainably caught seafood. His prices seem fair, he uses low impact fishing methods, and the catch is frozen at sea.

Sounds good to us. You can visit his website here. Click on the About Michelle Rose CSF pdf in the right column to read more.

Have any of you participated in this or a similar program before? Click in the comment box below and leave me a comment.


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