Christmas Discoveries–a new shake, a new cookie, and a lightened-up old favourite

Christmas discoveries

Look what David and Luise of Green Kitchen Stories have come up with now! While our Christmas morning breakfasts have always been a special meal, the menu has changed as our eating habits have evolved over the years.  Now that we have a Vitamix, nine times out of ten our breakfast is a healthy shake. This Gingerbread Shake will be the perfect Christmas morning starter. If you like cardamom, you’ll love this. I substituted 2 frozen bananas for the ice cubes and added 2 tsp. flax seeds into the blender.

Here’s another find. Starbuck’s Cranberry Bliss Bars are something to look forward to during the holiday season, but oh! . . . the calories! This lightened up version of this favourite bar has HALF the calories and HALF the fat.

And here’s my new favourite cookie. It’s got that sweet and salty contrast that we all seem to be craving now. Gluten-free too if that’s your thing.

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