Christmas Finger Foods


Years ago, one of my Christmas traditions was to participate in a cookie exchange. With young children underfoot, year after year I somehow made twelve dozen Nanaimo bars. (Do you know how hard it is to cut through that chocolate topping without cracking it?) Then, to my husband’s disbelief,  I gave. 11 dozen. away.

Did we really actually eat 144 cookies and bars?

Tastes and eating habits change. Now we opt for more savory snacks instead.  For those who have asked me lately for some Christmas snack ideas, here are five faves, plus my go-to appy recipe for chevre stuffed dates.

Holiday Finger FoodsMini Cheese Balls

Blue Cheese & Walnut Wafers

Crab, Lime & Avocado Cups

Cheese Crispies

Shrimp & Pineapple Mini Bites

Chevre Stuffed Dates (photo above)


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